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these roads, because a law enforcement officer had to be rescued yesterday, they are also heavily involved in debris cleanup. there were trees and wires down. so a big cleanup is just begin here today in frederick county. reporting live, jackie bensen, back to you. >>> high water isn't the only problem left by the storm. some roads are still blocked because of fallen trees. adam is live in fairfax county where a 100-year-old woman is just one of the neighbors coping with storm damage. adam? >> reporter: that's right. many of these smaller roads nope as secondary roads are still blocked all over the area. here in this community, the impact of the storm is obvious. trees leaning and down. some on homes. powerlines dangle dangerously in front yards. the caution tape up. the generators running to power the homes. the tree fell next to carol's home. the power now gone and she can't even park in her driveway. >> i stood in front of the glass front door, waiting for the wind to die down and all of a sudden i heard pop and saw sparks flying. >> reporter: powerlines so close to the homes, trick or
hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. >> wendy rieger hits the beach in rehoboth and surveys the damage. >>> police tell us the man knocked on doors, handing out fliers for a party. the woman said he tried to rape her and beat her and stabbed her several times. the 24-year-old woman remains in critical condition. >> they say that for all the tapes of assaults that we see, this is one of the ones that really is alarming to all of us. because not only did he force his way inside someone's home but after trying to sexually assault her, he tried to kill her. so he he is very dangerous. >> police believe he may have an injury to one of his hands because of that attack. if you recognize him, you're urged to call police. >>> fire investigators in howard koinl say a generator left inside a home sent three people to shock trauma. they found the generator early this morning at a home on brevard street in laurel. investi
of changing the laws to either getting larger sites, arena-type stadiums, sites, or adding additional sites. >> our folks need to be able to go in and cast their votes and not be in lines too long. >> reporter: spiner, chair of the prince george's county democratic central committee says he's worried some voters may be turned off by the wait. >> my concern is montgomery county's outpacing us probably about maybe 5% to 7% more voters turning out in this election. but yet their lines are just a fraction of ours as far as time, folks standing in line. >> so here in prince george's county latest numbers, about 56,000 people have voted so far in montgomery county. about 57,000. and as you heard, waits of 45 minutes or less there. now the next question is what is it going to be like on election day. we'll have that report coming up at 6:00. in prince george's county i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >>> the news 4 iteam is on voter patrol for you between now and election day. if you see a problem with voting we want to hear from you. call the iteam voter patrol tip line, that's 202-885-4444. and e-mail
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3